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We're So Scooters

We're the new electric scooter shop on the block. We do things a little differently to others you might have heard of, like Pure Electric. Instead of quantity, we focus on quality electric scooters and making your whole buying experience as seamless and magical as we can.

We put in the hard work of sifting through hundreds of suppliers and scooter providers, some with false claims, so you don’t have to. Once we find scooters that we think you'll like, we put them through a series of quality controls and work with the supplier to negotiate great warranty terms for you.

Only once an electric scooter passes all of our tough requirements do we even think about listing it under the So Scooters name. For example, our flagship model, the 9 Pro Edition ticks all the boxes. It's light, nippy and incredible value - the perfect entry level electric scooter.

Only once you feel like you know a scooter inside and out does it make sense to buy it, and we know that. We take as many high quality photos of the scooters as we can to provide you the best idea of how it will look. From the moment you click onto this site, to when the scooter arrives on your doorstep, we want you to feel special.

~The So Scooters Team